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HypePT is an outdoor based Health and Fitness Company based in Canberra. HypePT has a strong commitment to Group Fitness specialising in corporate health and fitness through team building and exercise combined.

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Have you ever set yourself a goal that started off well and then before you knew it, that goal, that once excited you, now seemed so out of reach that the pressure started to sabotage all efforts?

It sounds crazy but sometimes focusing on the goal isn't the best method. I want to challenge you to pick that goal back up and trust you will reach it! Develop an action plan and put it in motion, except this time, I want you not to focus on outcomes and results, but instead focus only on the process.

By completely detaching ourselves from the outcome it takes away the pressure and lets us focus on one moment at a time. By doing this it give us the opportunity to improve how we choose to approach each moment. Having gratitude is a simple and effective way of adding rose colored glasses to every situation. When you are thankful, you become filled with peace and happiness. Pausing to give thanks a few times a day won't only keep you pleasantly upbeat but makes almost everything easier and more pleasurable.

As well as living blissfully with gratitude, I also want you to celebrate yourself more. Celebrate every good decision, every workout and every concurred test of discipline as its own milestone. You don't have to go all out, a high 5, or pat on the back should suffice. Focusing on each moment rids distractions allowing our best efforts, yielding better performances and (of course) developing better outcomes.

So here's the challenge, set a goal and develop a plan to achieve it (I'm here to help). Set the plan in motion and put the outcome aside. Choose to appreciate and have gratitude for each step of the process. Be grateful you have the means to exercise. Be thankful for your ability to make choices. Be grateful that you have access to nourishment that protects and repairs your body. Be grateful for your shoes, your training partners and opportunities. Be thankful for your feet, legs, your jobs and possibilities. Appreciate each workout, each healthy meal and each mouthful of water. Be thankful for every step on track you take and appreciate when things fall in order.

You will always get a better result from things you are grateful for. Be grateful for your efforts, commitment and achievements (I certainly am:))

And find out how a change in how you see will effect a change in how you look.







Try this circuit:

Sprint intervals on treadmill

30second sprint, 30 seconds rest x10


15 Hack squats on Smith machine

20 jump squats

15 Barbell Deadlifts

20 Lunge jumps

10 Barbell side lunge to curtsy lunge each leg

10 1 legged split squat pops each legs


Repeat x 5


12 Day Challenge- days 7-12

Day 7- I know your sore, it's day 7, but you can do it! 
Stay focused, 20 mins- thats it, and go HARD & FAST!

Day 8- Time for some serious Calorie Crushin'! Turn up the heat and enjoy the BURNNNNN!

Day 9- No excuses, This workout is important! Find the will power deep inside you- i suggest looking for it in the core area of your body! Now get to it! This is IRONMAN ABS not  whiney little girl abs.

Day 10- This will be brutal but fabulous! Project- Brining sexy back. Focus and GO!

Day 11- This workout courtesy of Endorphins-r-us AKA HypePT! 
Finish this workout and feel like the magnificent infinite being that you are! Enjoy the high my friends

Day 12- Turn the music up loud, get yourself in the Zone and show yourself that YOU CAN DO IT! The last day of the Challenge, the last day of the holidays, the last chance you have to finish what you started!


12 Day Challenge

Get your hustlin' hats on and get ready to rock your ho ho holidays. 12 days, 12 Ass-kickin' workouts that will leave the holiday guilt at the door and the excuses for the lazy people. Its your time to shine!

Day 1- Set the tone for next 12 days and give it your ALL! Get ready to KILL IT with this Warrior Workout!

Day 2- We don't doooooo food comas! Train hard this morning and TERMINATE the guilt of Christmas Lunch. Have a Merry Christmas and I"LL BE BACK tomorrow

Day 3- You want it? WORK FOR IT! GO!


Day 4- Get the defibrillator ready because i need you work as hard as you've ever worked before! I want heart bumpin', leg shakin', skin crawlin' effort. If you want big results, i need you to give me big effort!

Day 5- PUSH UPS! Seeeeexxxxxyyyyyy shoulders! Time to hit that upper body! If you what something you've never had you have to do something you've never done.  Get to it.

Day 6- Repeat after me "Every step and every Lunge will get me closer to sweeter buns! Every step and every Lunge will get me closer to sweeter buns! Every step and every Lunge will get me closer to sweeter buns!"
Blast that Booty sweet cheeks!