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HypePT is an outdoor based Health and Fitness Company based in Canberra. HypePT has a strong commitment to Group Fitness specialising in corporate health and fitness through team building and exercise combined.

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"Oli is an awesome trainer working closely to keep me engaged and on track with training. Oli regularly checks in between sessions to ensure I am keeping on track with my goals. Oli sets realistic goals and is flexible to changing needs. My sessions always push me to my limit and I am always surprised how far I can go! Defiantly would recommend HypePT for anyone wanting to get fit and healthy while having heaps of fun"

Emma Taber


"I have been training with Hype for three years now and have achieved goals I never thought I would ever reach.  Olivia goes above and beyond for her clients, quite often I will recieve out of business hours messages from her asking how I am going with my diet and training and that support has been very instrumental in my fitness growth. I have had an ongoing injury however I am still able to train as Olivia is adaptable and will always find a way for me to still train without any further risk to the injury."

 Jillian Mackenzie,

National Film & Sound Archive

“Motivation is no problem the sessions are fun and fit in easily at lunchtime or before work.  The variety is great, I feel fitter and I know it is doing me good.  I never thought I’d enjoy boxing so much.”

Edwina Mulhearn, 52yrs
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

“The training is fun, exciting, exceptional and most importantly improving my cardio and fitness strength. The time of the sessions work for me, the flexibility is great, and I personally appreciate good communication between Hype (Oli) and people. She will engage each and everyone to all activities. She is also organized for every sections and fully taking interest in each individual.

I've been using the Hype for about 6 to 8 months now and I wouldn’t be there if I don’t like it. I can really feel the difference in my body and with my fitness. I am a run and I love running but this training help me to run for longer and I've started to ride bikes for a longer distance! It's by far great program and the best part is you don't have to pay some gym for using equipment and be inside with smelly people around you. Love the outside exercise and Oli somehow managed to find a good spot.

It is nice to know that at 53yrs of age this specific training gets me results helping me improve my strength when paddling my bike and running. My physical appearance is better to my arms and legs are a bit more toned and I love it. 

I will be honest. Without Hype Personal Training’s program which is easy to find the time to fit into a busy lifestyle I would not be able to be fit as I am now. I am stronger and have greater strength. Thank you.”

Mladjenka Maric, 53yrs
Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

“I have been training in a group from my workplace with HypePT since September 2010. Olivia is an incredible trainer who is able to get a group of varying ages, fitness levels and motivation to work towards and achieve results better than they could have imagined. Training in a group allows me to have the fun and social advantages of group training, plus the expertise of a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost of paying for individual sessions. I have gained and maintained a level of fitness through group training that I would never have achieved on my own and I keep signing up for new rounds every 6 weeks. Even when dealing with long term injury Oli was able to devise alternatives so I could still train with the group but not cause any further problems in my foot. I can't recommend Oli and HypePT group training enough”

Emma Jones
Australian War Memorial