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HypePT is an outdoor based Health and Fitness Company based in Canberra. HypePT has a strong commitment to Group Fitness specialising in corporate health and fitness through team building and exercise combined.

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“The training is fun, exciting, exceptional and most importantly improving my cardio and fitness strength."
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06. Rehab FX


Niggle in your shoulder, tight neck, lower back aches, stiff hips, dodgy ankle, weak wrists, sore knees, elbow hurts… If one (or a few) of these are sounding farmiliar to you then chances are you’ve got some level of dys-functional biomechanics negatively affecting your movement. Unless this is addressed 1st, your setting yourself up for injury. 

These sessions are designed with the goal of fixing and preventing injuries through Rehabiliatation and functional exercises. The sessions will be tailored to the specific needs of the individual. 

Please note these calsses are not held by physiotherapist. Trainers have been trained in Rehab Fx however if you have serious issues please see your Doctor.

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