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HypePT is an outdoor based Health and Fitness Company based in Canberra. HypePT has a strong commitment to Group Fitness specialising in corporate health and fitness through team building and exercise combined.

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“The training is fun, exciting, exceptional and most importantly improving my cardio and fitness strength."
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04. Corporate X-Training: Education Directorate Stirling


Fast and effective Lunchtime sessions designed to reverse the ill effects of desk life, correct biomechanical dysfunction, sharpen your mind and build strong, energetic and effective bodies. 

10 week round. Wednesdays 1:00-1:45pm

Everybodys heard that sitting is the new smoking but do you know why? After just 3 hours of sitting artery dilation drops 50% causing slow blood flow leading to a string of issues from fatty acid build up, insulin resistance, digestive issues, physical and mental fatigue, muscular degeneration, poor posture, neck, shoulder, back and hip pain. As well as poor concentration, and overall decreased brain function. By exercising in your lunch break you stimulate blood flow pushing oxygen and blood around your body, activating your muscles and nervous system, boosting energy, regulating mood and stopping the ill effects of desk life. With scary scientific facts like that being brought to our attention, its important we create an active and supportive workplace cuture and influence our peers through action to continually raise the stardard office environment "norms". By even just helping one person get started or to keep going, we help steer our community away from the path of degenerative diseases, mental illness, chronic pain, and verging complete physical dysfunction (and we arent even scrapping the tip of the iceburg), and we help in building a community of vitality, energy and hapiness. Now even if you been sitting for a while, you dont need much brain function to know what has to be done next ;) 


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