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HypePT is an outdoor based Health and Fitness Company based in Canberra. HypePT has a strong commitment to Group Fitness specialising in corporate health and fitness through team building and exercise combined.

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"Training in a group allows me to have the fun and social advantages of group training, plus the expertise of a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost of paying for individual sessions."
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Hype Personal Training is a business that is focused on health and wellbeing. We want each person to be the best they can be, and we want to help you get there.

Leading a healthy lifestyle can benefit many areas of your life. Not only will you be physically fit and look great, but it will improve your stress levels, energy levels, increase productivity in the workplace and home life. Health and Fitness can also aid any sleeping issues, and most importantly decrease your risk of many major health risks like heart attack, blood pressure reduced risk of coronary disease, stroke, diabetes and hypertension, and better stress management.

We will help you to gain a better ability to manage priorities and time, aid in behaviour and habit modification, improved strength, mobility, fitness and energy, Enhanced self-esteem, motivation and long-term happiness.

The approach at Hype Personal Training is unique. Hype can offer you many different services to accommodate for each individual or group needs.

Our team is both motivated and dedicated to reach the needs of each client. In the years of our training, clients have been able to change their lives, gain confidence and go on to greater life achievements.

When the team is training clients we are motivational and make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves while pushing them to do things they never thought possible. Regardless of shape or size, injury or health condition… We are able to create a programme that everyone can benefit from.
We always explain everything in an easy to understand way and take the intimidating side of getting in shape out of the equation.

Our staff have qualifications including:

» Certificate IV in Fitness
» Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach
» Thump Qualified Boxing instructor
» Senior 1st Aid Certificate
» Lvl 1 & 2 KettleBell coach

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